Winners Chapel Pastor agrees to swear by ‘Ogun’ to prove his Innocence

Pastor of the Winners Chapel Church, Pastor Blessed Ighiwi, has said he was set up to swear by Ogun-Oba to demonstrate his blamelessness in charges leveled against him by a few senior citizens and customary leader of Egba Community, HRH Palmer Omoregbe.

Favored was the executive of prohibited Community Development Association (CDA) at Egba town and was charged before the Benin ruler for proceeding with CDA exercises, regardless of the boycott.

The pastor consented to swear by Ogun-Oba when he showed up at the Ugha Ozolua in the royal residence of Benin ruler, Oba Ewuare II.

He was additionally blamed for suspending the conventional ruler, provocation of group individuals who couldn’t help contradicting him, offer of 10 plots of land having a place with the Oba of Benin, oppression and absence of regard for customary experts.

Omoregbe stated: “‘His Majesty’, Blessed and his people groups have pursued me out of Egba. At whatever point I required a meeting, they declined to go to. He has said CDA exercises must proceed, regardless of your declaration.

“I need you to reestablish my forces with the goal that I can run viably.”

Favoring stated: “My Lord, I am blameless of every one of these allegations. I didn’t suspend the Enogie. I don’t have such powers to suspend a customary ruler. I conveyed peace to the group following 37 years of emergency.

“I don’t recognize what happened to the Oba’s property in our group. Every one of these things individuals are stating against me are falsehoods. I am set up to swear by Ogun-Oba close by every one of these individuals making assertions against me.”

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