‘My Wife Has To Kneel Down To Serve My Meal’ – 9ice

Vocalist 9ice,in a meeting with veteran TV character Funmi Iyanda, shared his considerations on marriage , music and that’s just the beginning,.

Iyanda, inquired as to whether the vocalist, would get hitched again taking after the crash of his first marriage to Toni Payne, 9ice said NO. On his relationship status, the LIVING THINGS stated:

“I’m single however I’m not seeking since it’s not some portion of my need at this moment. I’ve managed this theme such a variety of times and individuals only tend to take the negative side of it however it resembles they don’t comprehend what I’m stating on the grounds that they’re not in my shoe.”

He proceeded with: “Marriage is not for this era… I have my reasons(for saying that) in light of the fact that, as a Nigerian, as a Yoruba man, there are some culture and convention that you’re being instructed when you’re being raised as a man. You need a similar thing from your better half (yet) you’re not going to get it from today’s lady. since then we have introduction. They are the ones that sent us to class. Despite everything I need my lady to serve me sustenance and stoop down. Ejo Aunty, who will do that for me now?”

He included: “however you’re not going to get that as a man, so we today’s men , we have to get that into our empty head that you’re not going to get a similar thing your mother is providing for your father. You will get something other than what’s expected on the grounds that who you’re motivating hitched to is very not quite the same as your mother. In any case, we are not prepared. That is the reason you see that this era are losing relational unions, six months and it’s broken up.

“Before you go to the sacrificial stone, similar to five to ten minutes, your psyche will reveal to you that this thing is not going to work,” he said and when Iyanda inquired as to whether that transpired, he answered, “It transpired, yet I felt it since I resembled gone ahead, I have such a variety of things to lose more than what will pick up’. Since on the off chance that I do that, it resembles I’m against whatever is left of the world.”

He prompted: “So we ought to hundred percent get hitched for what will make you cheerful. Despite the way of life, paying little respect to your folks, get hitched on the grounds that you need to get hitched. Get hitched in light of the fact that it will make you cheerful. Try not to get hitched on the grounds that Tinuke got hitched.”

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