‘VP Osibanjo needs our prayers, all his security team have been changed’ – Femi Fani Kayode

Femi Fani Kayode, the previous Aviation Minister is exceptionally worried about the way in which the Buhari organization is administering the nation.

Two or three weeks back he communicated worry about the savagery that will be propagate by northerners ought to President Buhari kick the bucket in power.

Today, he took to Facebook and mourned at the way in which Vice President Osibanjo is being dealt with in Aso Rock. He uncovered that the VP’s security work force have been changed and supplanted by northerners. Perused his review beneath.

Believe me when I reveal to you that the corpsocrats dont care the slightest bit about protected arrangements, the principles or the comforts. The main thing that is applicable is the understanding that the Service Chiefs and the military place on the “National Coordinator” letter that was sent to the Senate. They will follow up on that interpetation if Buhari passes on and they are encouraged to do as such by the corpsocrats. That is the blueprint.


It is not unintentionally that each and every security organization in Nigeria today is going by a northern Muslim aside from the Navy. Also, now interestingly since 1999, a northern Muslim has been designated GOC of the almighty and basic first Division which covers the north west. Another has quite recently been named to head the 81st Division, Lagos and the ninth Mechanized Brigade, Ikeja. At long last the greater part of Osinbajo’s security group have been changed aside from his ADC.


The majority of the Yorubas have been pulled back and he is presently being monitored by just northerners. He would have lost his ADC as well however he questioned firmly to that one and they exited him. The man needs our support and petitions. Each Yorubaman and southerner, paying little mind to gathering association, owes him and the south that much. There is one all the more thing that I know which will stun Nigerians however I won’t state it now.


It is mind boggling and stunning and when you hear it you will all value the sheer mortification that Osinbajo has been put through since PMB’s arrival from UK and before he backpedaled.

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