See Photos: LASPOTECH Student, Damilola Adegoke, commits suicide

Companions of an undergraduate of Business Administration/Management at the Lagos state Polytechnic LASPOTECH, Damilola Adegoke, have taken to online networking to express their stun over the news of her demise. Damilola apparently drank a bug spray known as Sniper. It is not sure what drove her to take her own life.

See the tributes that have poured in for her by her associates and companions. One of her companions composed;

“Regardless of the conditions, stresses, inconveniences, fiasco never look down on your self and dependably ask hard. It’s a pity this tight companion of mine Damilola Adegoke took snipper yesterday and surrendered the apparition subsequent to transferring her pics on fb. May her spirit rest in peace”.

Another, Damilola Ayanwanle, composed:

“No measure of issue worth taking your own life , she was persevering and profoundly devoted yet just her knows her own agonies and difficulties, possibly she shared and you and I couldnt help her out … .. truth be told nothing legitimize eating a toxic substance, well goodbye Damilola Adegoke we will recall that you until the end of time”.

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