PHOTOS: Nigerian lady mourns brother who was poisoned during an outing in U.S

A Nigerian woman, Princess Alaere, has taken to Instagram to grieve her sibling who was apparently harmed while hanging out with companions in the United States. This is what the grief stricken woman composed;

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“It has been so troublesome for me to post this like you would wake up and be disillusioned at me for adding R.I.P to A post of you however this is reality and I need to face it. I

rested and woke up such a variety of times just to wish the majority of this was a fantasy. Sovereign Ikp Ekiyor your life was stopped exactly at the pinnacle of your profession.

You went out with your companions to home base just for you to get back home spewing till you kicked the bucket in your Atlanta home America. My God will retaliate for your passing my sweet more youthful sibling who was brimming with existence with so much vitality. You regarded everybody and called each person Baba, you generally bowed when welcome individuals. We lost a sibling, a child, an incredible star, a father, a companion and mummy’s last kid. The agony I feel is unexplainable, It’s intense, it’s murdering me.

My heart is so substantial… I continue considering when we were pretty much nothing. Everybody dependably thought we were twins cos I was just a year+ more established than you and we were same tallness as children. We did everything together, climbed trees together, went to class together, ate together, dragged your garments with you as though I were a kid, at whatever point you come to Nigeria I drag your garments with you and you simply abandon them for me calling me a boyish girl.

I miss you so much my infant sibling with an infant heart. Your warm stunning soul was the best thing at any point brought onto this planet. You will never be overlooked. REST IN PEACE MY SWEET BROTHER #bitter #wickedworld #sick #inpain #Crying #gonetoosoon #Gonebutnotforgotten #RIP.”

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