See The Photo Of Ooni Of Ife And His Wife People Are Talking About On The Internet

It has made them think about too whether the sovereignties were so exhausted with the occasion that they needed to take a break and visit “napland” – Ooni of Ife and his staggering spouse, were both spotted as of late at an occasion and were photoed seeming as though they were sleeping soundly.

This Photo Of Ooni Of Ife And His Wife Has Got People Wondering On The Internet… Connecting… – OTHERS

Some say they most likely were supplicating thus they shut their eyes, however hello! 1. The Ooni still had his top on, 2. other individuals’ eyes were totally open, so supplicating is without a doubt out of it

What do you think however?! They might conceivably have been exhausted after all the worry of moving from one occasion to the next.

The Ooni was available at previous president Olusegun Obasanjo’s child’s wedding amid the end of the week, nearby Oba of Lagos… this quietly eliminated any confusion air if there was any type of resentment between the combine.

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