Nnamdi Kanu – ‘I Don’t Wish To Be Biafran President’

The pioneer of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu said that in spite of intimations in a few quarters, he doesn’t mean to be leader of Biafra if in the long run realized. Kanu revealed to Vanguard that he generally liked to work from the foundation, bringing up that if the pioneer MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazurike had stayed predictable with the battle, he would not do what he is doing with IPOB… .. Nnamdi Kanu – ‘I Don’t Want To Be Biafran President’

Kanu additionally said that he’s identifying with the South East governors and other political office holders’ position in Biafra, ascribing it to their dread of losing their positions and importance in Nigeria.

He however said that the dread being engaged by such Igbo pioneers was neither here nor there in light of the fact that the Biafra Republic would be established on the standard of value, equity and reasonableness.

He stated:

I am into this battle in view of authority vacuum. I am into this battle in light of the fact that my kin are enduring; they are being denied their rights and benefits and nothing will stop this battle. I need to guarantee our kin that we are nearly there. The Biafra Republic is practically here with us. Regardless of the possibility that one is from Sokoto, he can be a Biafran once he has faith in our esteem arrangement of value, equity and decency. Biafra will be a home for all individuals who concur with our qualities, regardless of whether you are from Kano or Sokoto.It will be a place for good things for good individuals. Hence, the individuals who are separating themselves from the Biafra battle will think twice about it. In the event that you don’t join the battle, you will be unimportant at last in light of the fact that Biafra Republic is certain.

Kanu depicted Afaraukwu – Umuahia where his dad is the customary ruler as being a piece of the base camp of Biafra where the late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had the well known Ojukwu dugout and worked from till the finish of the Biafra war, including that there was in this manner no chance he would forsake his dad’s territory which served Biafra in desperate hour.

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