Man Handcuffed to Police Van in Edo State Shares His Side of the Story

A video of a business transport driver, Kester Edun who was cuffed to a police watch van has portrayed his agonizing trial to newsmen.

Edun said the barbaric treatement dispensed on his gone on for around seven hours in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state without him commiting any offense whatsoevver.

Officers from the Esigie police division inside the neighborhood government had allegedly captured the transport driver taking after the escape of a traveler gotten with an unfilled cigarette pack.

An occupant of the territory, Augustine Ogbonmwan, who recorded the fierceness dispensed to the transport driver was additionally captured and kept by the policemen.

“The security agents bound my hand to their van and dragged me making a course for constrain me to confess to being an assistant to the traveler,”

“I didn’t have any implicating thing on the transport. At the point when the traveler was looked, they found an unfilled pack of cigarettes in his pocket. Afterward, the kid fled. I requesting that they pursue him, however they disregarded me.

“They cuffed me to the vehicle, including that I should acknowledge that I was the kid’s assistant.

“I disclosed to them that I didn’t know the kid, yet they bound and dragged me from First (Junction) to Third Junction. The policemen stopped and began hitting me and I didn’t realize what happened a short time later in light of the fact that I blacked out.”

The transport driver was later taken to a private healing facility by the policemen, where he was bound to a doctor’s facility quaint little inn confined in a cell at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for professedly being a clique part, a claim he denied.

It was, in any case, assembled that Edun and Ogbonwan were later discharged on Wednesday.

The transport driver was additionally cited by the Punch to have stated, “I am not a religion part. I didn’t do anything. They ought to likewise give back my cell phone and cash. I dispatch N5,000 to the proprietor of the seized transport each day.”

In the mean time, Edo state representative, Mr Godwin Obaseki has requested a prompt examination concerning the occurrence.

Representative Obaseki censured the lead of the policemen and rehashed the dedication of his organization to guaranteeing common and legitimate conduct.

A bit of the announcement issued by the press secretary to the representative perused to some extent: “This brutal, cruel and savage treatment is absolutely unsuitable to the Government of Edo State and is in reality unsatisfactory in any rational or enlightened society. The Governor has coordinated the Edo State Ministry of Justice to start prompt activity to recognize and indict all or any officers or people found to have been complicit in this shock”.

The representative likewise noticed that it was such remorselessness as distributed to the transport driver that roused his choice to restrict non-state on-screen characters from gathering income in the city as they were attached to depending on viciousness to get illicit tolls from honest natives.


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