Kwara State University student Mercilessly beats a lady for not agreeing to date his friend .

A 400 level undergraduate of Kwara State University has contacted us to help her post a strike she endured in the hands a person recognized as Omobolaji Ogundepo otherwise known as Bolojay, who clearly, is likewise a Final Year Student in a similar University. .

The said woman uncovered to us that a companion of Omobolaji named Idrees Sanusi asked her out, however she declined. At that point Omobolaji who had nothing to do with the entire “thing” defied her, and battered her for not consenting to date his Friend, Idrees. .

The Victim, Identified as Mariam, said she answered to the School’s power, yet nothing was done to rescue the circumstance, as it is said that Omobolaji has some sort of impact in the school. .

Mariam has been questioning Idrees for the whereabout of his companion, Omobolaji, yet he guarantees he doesn’t know his where about. The episode occurred on Monday, eighth of this current Month, May, 2017.”

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