Interview With Kent Jones On His Journey From Jazz Wizard To Pop Sensation

Talk with: We the Best craftsman Kent Jones follows his melodic voyage from his underlying foundations as a productive jazz geek incredibly graph topping single “Don’t Mind” and past.

In 2011, Fort Lauderdale performing expressions secondary school Dillard Center for the Arts started their set at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s prestigious Essentially Ellington rivalry with a piano solo by senior Daryl Kent Jones. Sponsored by a swinging beat segment, he ad libbed a string of melodic expressions that were classy, soul-filled, and, essentially, stanky. Dillard went ahead to win the opposition.

After four years, in 2015, Jones discharged an overpowering, Barry White-adding tune called “Don’t Mind.” Once it got repackaged as his presentation single on DJ Khaled’s We the Best engraving, it turned into a radio crush. It crested at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has since amassed 412 million plays amongst YouTube and Spotify.

Jones sat down with HNHH in the entryway of the Austin Hyatt to follow his melodic voyage from his developmental jazz years and his advancement as a rapper-vocalist maker triple danger under the managing hand of Cool and Dre and DJ Khaled.


You originate from a melodic family. What instruments do your relatives play?

My father’s mother composed tunes and played the piano, my’s mother plays the guitar and sings, my mother’s sister sings, my father sings, his girl – my relative – she sings and delivers and moves, and afterward every one of my cousins on my father’s side are in music.

When you got into jazz, who were you tuning in to and demonstrating a great many?

A million percent, Oscar Peterson. I used to think about and decipher a great deal of his tunes. Miles Davis. The entire Giant Steps collection from John Coltrane. Sort of Blue, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, I even got into like Al Jarreau, God rest his spirit, he passed as of late. James Moody, God rest his spirit too. The Count Basie Orchestra, can’t overlook that.

Basie’s style of playing showed me a considerable measure of teach as an artist. What’s more, even Ellington. Yet, the thing that Basie and Ellington had in like manner was a great deal of their playing was oversimplified, however not moderate. It sort of filled in specific crevices and spaces and includes, complements whatever the enormous band simply played. Say on the off chance that they did a 12-bar measure arpeggiation or like an extension or something to that effect, Count Basie would discover after those 12 bars a HALF a bar, not even an entire bar, and simply touch the piano [taps the table] and set it off.

We can’t disregard my man Robert Glasper. He’s great. I really got the opportunity to meet him as of late, he’s simpleton. This was as of late, however this wasn’t care for “I’m Kent Jones.” I was much the same as, “Yo, you’re my object of worship, I’m a major fan. I contemplated you,” and I did, I concentrated this person. And afterward me and him concentrated a similar person, Oscar Peterson.

You went to Dillard, which has had one of the best secondary school jazz programs in the nation. How did that experience help you develop musically and shape your way to deal with music?

I a million percent owe it to my teachers Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Charles for keeping their foot in my can and ensuring I proceeded on the correct way. What’s more, simply growing my collection musically after that. Jazz is such a mind boggling style, to the point that it has a few types in one sort. So it totally extended my melodic collection, my viewpoints, and I have a feeling that it improved me the craftsman, the better performer.

How were you as a child?

I was never centered around my reviews, I’ll reveal to you that. Presently, there were a few times when I did great in school, when I buckled down. I generally knew I needed to do some sort of music since I was nearly nothing. In any case, you’re in a case, your family is super religious, so when I got into my adolescents, I began going out, encountering life. At that point the getting into inconvenience stuff happened, yet nothing insane. I got a perfect record.

My collection’s gotten Get Out Your Momma House. So I got out my momma’s home when I was in school. I turned out poorly the club not one time in school. School was a period when I was completely centered around my music. I was in my flat regular recording, creating and recording ordinary. This is in Tallahassee. Florida State, Florida A&M, and TCC. So this is one major city with a wide range of gatherings incident regular. Luckily enough, my flat mate – shoutout my flat mate Brian – he was in a brotherhood, he was a Teke, a fraternity called TKE. Furthermore, they would get poo confronted messy squandered tanked pounded. So we knew how to host the get-together at the house. We’d leave class with fucking Monster caffeinated drink and a major thing of gin, go doltish until we had like 30 jugs on top of our cupboards in our condo. It was insane.

At the time, that is the point at which I began truly going hard on the music. [I was] anxious in the meantime, since it resembles, I see all these other pe ople flying off. This is back when A$AP first got popping. This is when Mac Miller had quite recently done Blue Slide Park. This was the Wiz and Curren$y time. What’s more, I was in school, so I was in a school swarm, so I would go and see all these distinctive individuals. So in those days, we was attempting to make sense of it, and you know, school went poorly how I anticipated it going. I returned to South Florida I didn’t have anything, I was crushed. I thought I was going to do this, I thought I was going.

Be that as it may, then you got connected to with Cool and Dre.

This was going towards the late spring of 2012.Some companions I had at the time that I grew up with were working with a craftsman that Cool and Dre had at the time. Furthermore, they by one means or another connected up, it was an entire faction of them.

So I go and they acquaint me with Cool and me and Cool hit it off instantly, we began relating. They’d get me, so as opposed to having artists come in and play over the stuff, I would do every last bit of it, since that is the thing that I did.

Notwithstanding keys you play drums, isn’t that so?

Yes. So when they required somebody to come in and groove, whatever, I would do it. In the long run, I began recording, fucking around with the recording poo. Fat Joe found me when I was playing some music for Cool. He stated, “Yo what is this?” Joe went insane, and began rapping on it. I was really attempting to construct my own venture around then. So I was away for a couple days, and I returned and Joe had recorded on the beat. Furthermore, that is the place I met this person [gestures to Illa], who’s my sibling, my administrator.

We were marking to Joe together. From that point forward, Joe had his circumstance, god favor Uncle Crack, he needed to do what he accomplish for his family, and I needed to do what I needed to do, and we’re considerably nearer accomplices now today. I can simply call Uncle Crack. I wound up being overseen by Cool and Dre for two or three years, and I was really living in their studio. I lived in their studio, it resembled my home. So when I backpedal there now, it resembles I’m home. In any case, I was really remaining there for a long time straight. I marked to Khaled eighteen months, perhaps two years before “Don’t Mind.”

Backtracking genuine brisk. When you began creating, what makers or styles would you say you were attempting to copy?

I thought I was the man on Reason 4. No, that is not notwithstanding when begun. It was no product at to start with, it was the console with speakers. At that point it was Reason 4. At that point, similar to I stated, Mr. Charles for my school.

My school had two best in class recording studios and a room brimming with consoles and PCs, and they really educated a class on Logic. My first year they had Logic 6. When I cleared out they had Logic 9. They experiencing each one of those forms step by step. What’s insane is today, at this moment, I can call my teacher from my secondary school, he’s the band chief, however [Logic] is the place his skill was, despite everything I call him to make inquiries.

Your crude melodic slashes are great, possibly superior to anything any maker in hip bounce.

How would you fuse your musicianship while keeping up an advanced sound that individuals can identify with?

It resembles, on the off chance that it feels great without it, you needn’t bother with it. On the off chance that you don’t see it when you don’t have it, you needn’t bother with it. What’s more, that is the manner by which you assemble.

What was your early introduction of DJ Khaled?

He’s all over the place, he’s a vitality ball. He completes things. Khaled is extremely emphatic, direct, and he’s the person you go to when you got the opportunity to arrange and be prepared to go and execute your arrangement. The distance. I can’t consider no one else. Khaled is the person for that.

You see what he does with his own vision. Khaled is a symbol. Khaled is a decent sibling. Also, it began off with me taking in the diversion, figuring out how to explore what’s essential like Khaled says, and outwork everybody.

“Okay” introduces the Earth, Wind, and Fire melody “How about we Groove.” What melodic lessons do you attempt and retain from EWF?

Each one I can. Each and every lesson. All that they got the chance to instruct. Whatever they need, I’m here. That is the legends, they’re symbols, they’re awesome artists.

Do you consider yourself to be a sort of present day variant of them?

That is some huge shoes to fill.

Or, on the other hand like a Barry White? You inserted one of his verses in “Don’t Mind.”

I’d say like a Quincy Jones.

Quincy Jones is a standout amongst the best music makers ever. Is it true that you are sufficiently aspiring to make it to his level?

I will be. Quincy is such a virtuoso. On the off chance that I could be near his level, I’d be a glad.

At the point when is your collection turning out?

Give it a few a months. It’s for all intents and purposes damn close wrapped up. It’s going to be a fun collection. The young will appreciate it. The music heads will appreciate it. When I first went into construct Get Out Your Momma House, it had this young sound. In any case, then we sort of understood that you know, hello, I have music darling fans, I have artist fans that may not rapidly comprehend what I’m doing this time around. Give me a chance to include something with the goal that they can welcome it.

So there resembles a scholarly level and in addition a more instinctive level that individuals can vibe out with?

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