You Won’t Believe How High School Boys Rape Female Students in Broad Daylight in Ikoyi

A woman Michale M. has shared a sad story of a horrible occasion she encountered around the Ikoyi territory of Lagos state.

Michale shared how secondary school young men attempted to posse assault their female partners after their end of the year tests. Similar to a pattern in numerous secondary schools, understudies tear their school regalia after they finish their secondary school exams, and the young men utilized it as a chance to ambush, burglarize and assault young ladies.

As per M.M, a man who had helped her on the said day, guaranteed that a young lady was assaulted around there the earlier week.

M.M composed:

Dear Reader,

I compose this frequency with heaps of humiliation and extraordinary worry for what the cutting edge will resemble in Nigeria in the event that we don’t rapidly get the opportunity to work repairing and giving careful consideration. Our older folks have driven their lives and we the era who take after the people born after WW2 must dig in and adjust the ills in our terraces and group. It’s a typical saying that detestable wins when great men do nothing. Today the third of May 2017, I practically witnessed this shrewdness. Practically in light of the fact that I got so moved in my soul with incredible irateness that I chose to talk up.

I am in my office around 4pm sitting tight for my driver to bring my more seasoned child from school so we can return home on time to set up the more youthful one for his basic selection tests into optional school coming up in two weeks. I called the driver and he said he was around and as I leave my nieces office upstairs, I hear a great deal of yelling and bustle outside our office. I then ask the assistant what truly matters to it and he says it’s the optional school understudy who have completed their end of the year tests tearing their garments. I murmur to my self that if any of them were my youngsters I will manage them. As they don’t acquire cash so how might they tear what was purchased for them.

Suffice to state I give my more established child who is helping me with my packs that discourse and we take off into the auto. As we come outside the clamor is overpowering and as my child continued saying when we were later examining what happened, he portrayed it as being exceptionally extraordinary when we had an opportunity to talk about the occasions that taken after as individuals were running and upon my looking nearer I saw pockets of individuals really understudies and afterward young ladies running with obvious dread in their appearances. Now I rapidly enter my auto to leave so one doesn’t meet whatever the issue was and to dodge movement as well.

What’s more, as we entered the auto and I look a bit carefully at a horde of young men who have encompassed two people on the floor who give off an impression of being battling. Their yelling overwhelms whatever other sound and looking carefully I see the most incredible thing. It’s really a kid attempting to compel himself on a young lady with his pants incompletely down and the young men are giving a shout out to him.

Individuals are looking and a few people the security watches in the workplace close us are recording it. I open my auto in dismay and yell on the young men to split it up while yelling at my security and the second driver to help me. I stroll towards them and as I advance towards them I see another gathering and this time they have cornered one of the young ladies who fell while running from them. In right around a dreamlike way I am looking yet not rapidly handling. I see her kicked down, she intrepidly propels herself up and another person tries to clear her legs and she lurches at him and afterward a person takes a couple of scissors in his grasp and with one swoop tears her skirt from the base and furthermore a piece of the dark spanx shorts she has on underneath.

All these happen truly in no time flat and he continues to propel himself into her through her back. His pants is open as well and another tries to do same from the front. As this is going on the horde of young men are wild with craze, supporting the two young men, while getting at her hair, bosoms and she is battling for her dear life. I am as yet advancing towards the principal gathering however they jolt when they see me coming and when I see them do as such I push forward and surge towards the second gathering this time yelling as loud as possible at my own office security, the workplace adjacent and fortunately mine tail me and when they see us coming they separate and run yet there more young ladies running back. I achieve the young lady and we assemble her things together. She ties the torn skirt around her spanx shorts like a wrapper and clutches to me.

I see the young men have run advances and quit, sitting tight for me to enter my auto while undermining other high school young ladies still. I have a horde of more than 25 young ladies clustered together wildly disclosing to me their different difficulties. I request that they take another course back and am told if the backpedal from where they are coming there is another gathering behind and the our office street is a sickle so they are in fact secured. Furthermore, the greater part of them have their skirts tore as they claim the young men in the different gatherings have scissors on them.

Additionally addressing reveals to me the most ideal route is to go out is towards the opposite side yet since they are excessively frightened, making it impossible to go I ask my security, some other men have turned out to escort them as well, with myself as the main grown-up female and there starts over a hours stroll towards the obalende circuitous from off awolowo street in Ikoyi. We meet different young ladies who have had their garments tore as the young men fled once the young men acknowledged I was not going down. The young men would achieve a separation and stop to insult the young ladies.

We now had a horde of more than 60 young ladies who expected to get securely to the transport stop and discover their direction home. We (acting naturally and the other men escorting the young ladies) begin discussing how to get hold of one of the young men so we can utilize him for instance. Now I call a companion and request a Mopol to be sent to me. I portray my area. My consideration is attracted to another young lady who had recently been mistreated by the escaping young men. A lady cautions the young ladies to be careful as the young men have part up and are holding up as some live in that region.

We then break into three gatherings to escort the young ladies to their different transport or home focuses. I take the two young ladies whom I saw by and by mistreated and start to make cautious request. Criticism demonstrates that they go to a senior secondary school called Falomo Senior High School by Ireti Grammar School that these young men go to. Today was both schools’ last day after which they will come just to gather their outcomes from Wednesday of the next week so the young men who had as of now began assaulting a few young ladies a week ago now arranged this baldfaced assault and mistreating movement. They had likewise stolen their telephones and transport cash.

We then made game plans to transport them home. At this point the mopol has come. He strolls me to obalende under extension to put the two young ladies and their companions going to Yaba into a transport. This is not before I get the names of the young men as George and Abiodun as the primary culprits, they are last year understudies of Ireti Grammar School SW Ikoyi. I call a companion and I’m advised to take pictures yet a large portion of the young ladies have gone however we can take pictures of no less than 7 young ladies with me who had torn garments in different phases of confuse.

I give my number to the main young lady left with a telephone and this was on account of she place it into her spanx shorts as she wore two and utilized one to move her telephone into it. I am stunned at the subject of and we concur that they ought to come through to my office on Wednesday of the next week yet I will simply ahead and make an answer to the two schools tomorrow and start finding these insidiousness young men so we can utilize them as cases to dissuade other from this accursed conduct executed in wide light. One of the young ladies says she can recognize them. She gives me her number. I request that my security guarantee he gets them at 9am when we consented to meet.

I turn and leave yet I will never be the same again. The underhandedness is appalling. The absence of respect and the outrage. My mind goes through is as yet going through all I have seen. I have a companion who ordinarily stops to help troubled people or take care of activity circumstance and I generally caution him to halt and he will state somebody needs to do it. Today I am most thankful I was that somebody. I had other individuals go along with me particularly a man who saw me and said “madam a young lady was assaulted a week ago by this office. I’m sick of this.” He expelled his tie and tailed me. They remained with me till the last arrangement of children entered the transport and as they came so they cleared out when we completed. I didn’t get the opportunity to state thank you to them. My more seasoned child resembled “mum, they should be blessed messengers or Jesus.” Actually he said the man that tailed me initially should be Jesus. I don’t know his identity however in the event that he ever peruses this post my ardent thank you to him for that vast hearted activity. God is caring goodness, that there are still great men however we should talk up and accordingly I am following up to guarantee we accomplish something aggregately to help the young men of this school as I think coaching is required if this cycle is to be broken yet the ones who submitted this obnoxious demonstration must be conveyed to book first. I request that those in expert investigate this as I am revealed to it’s very predominant.

God favor Nigeria and we as a whole have a section in guaranteeing the gift.

A BellaNaijarian imparted this story to us saying:

Express gratitude toward God these young men had been captured. This is an entire debasement of our family values.

What homes do these young men originated from?

What makes them believe it’s alright to submit such monstrosities?

Do these young men have sisters?

Were these young men brought up in a home with a father?

What values have they put on the lives of these female understudies to feel that sexually attacking them is alright

To state this was not a solitary demonstration but rather various one seen by numerous who turned a visually impaired eye,signifies the absence of sympathy, love, mind upheld in our general public every day.

From what I read, as opposed to the security folks mediating and safeguarding these young ladies from being sexually attacked, they whipped out their telephones to catch the grim demonstration. We have lost it as a country.

I continue saying it and will continue rehashing it that the “family

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