“I Have Helped Many People From Committing Suicide” –TeeBillz

Repelled spouse to music diva – Tiwa Savage, Tunji Balogun, prominently known as TeeBillz, has uncovered that he has spared many individuals from submitting suicide as of late.

The showbiz promoter, who at the tallness of a conjugal emergency with Savage in April 2016 attempted to take his own particular life by hopping into the tidal pond around the Lekki territory of Lagos, said that taking after that experience, God has been utilizing him to safeguard many individuals endeavoring to do a comparable thing.

Joined in a bright wedding service in November 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and favored with a child – Jamil, the couple’s union started encountering splits not very long in the wake of taking after allegations of disloyalty and lack of care for the sentiments of each other. By April 2016, the emergency turned out to be out and out, driving at last to their detachment.

Talking only to Saturday Beats prior in the week, TeeBillz, who had been experiencing recovery, said that God intentionally made him encounter those difficulties for him to improve as a man and experience his motivation in life.

As per him, without being stretched as far as possible by those individual and conjugal obstacles, he never would have turned into the man he is today.

He stated, “The way I handle things now is totally not quite the same as how I acted before. I improve now since I know better. In the event that I had experienced the experience before now, it likely wouldn’t sound good to me until I experience some trying circumstances. In any case, I express gratitude toward God that I have possessed the capacity to beat every one of those through the direction of my mentor.

“I just as of late comprehend having a reason in life. I have spared many individuals from conferring suicide despite the fact that I don’t turn out to state it. I was self-destructive myself yet God safeguarded me so I could likewise spare others. I recently understood that He kept me to touch the lives of others. Individuals clearly have their supposition about me and the whole issue, however God sees my heart and knows the amount of another man I am.

“I resemble Job in the Bible, God made me go through every one of these difficulties to improve me a man. I am just human, much the same as every other person, so I am not safe to conferring botches. My experience can be compared to a fight amongst underhanded and great. I am upbeat God reclaimed me and pushed me in favor of good.

“I am not being religious, I am quite recently thankful to Him for giving me a restored attitude. This is one of the greatest things instructing has done to me.”

Inquired as to whether those he called companions remained by him amid his snapshot of trial, the father of one didn’t sit around idly in giving his reaction: “God is the main companion I have.”

At the point when tested further on whether he and Savage had settled their disparities and what their relationship resembles nowadays, TeeBillz declined putting forth any downright expression, keeping up that “God is the main companion I have. He knows and has the best for me in His vineyard.”

The showbiz promoter, who attributes his change to the enthusiastic support of his holistic mentor, Mr. Lanre Olusola, said that he is as of now helping partners in media outlets going through discouraging circumstances to manage them.

He stated, “I am as of now helping two or three partners in the business that require the kind of training I have been through. I am interested in working with others requiring some kind of inspiration and motivation. Big names are people as well, our lives are out there for individuals to see however that does not mean we can’t commit errors. The most essential thing, in any case, is for one to surmount the test and triumph. I am content with my life now.”

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