Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Gives Out N55m To Families Of Slain Security Officers In Line Of Duty

Some security authorities who kicked the bucket in the line of obligation in Lagos state have been regarded with money blessings by the legislature to facilitate the inconveniences of their families.

Senator Akinwunmi Ambode Donates N55m To Families Of Slain Security Officers In Line Of Duty – NEWS

Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Monday exhibited checks totaling N55 million to the groups of security officers who lost their lives in the Ishawo range of Ikorodu after a trap unleashed on them by activists.

The groups of four cops that passed on amid the operation got N10 million each, while an officer who managed damage amid the assault and as yet recovering in the healing facility, Sgt. Alexandra Ugadu got N5million.

Likewise, a check of N10 million was displayed to the group of a military officer, Capt. A Mohammed who lost his life amid the assault.

The heroic officers were executed after effectively safeguarding hijacked casualties kept in the riverine territory by the activists. The cops’ whose families profited from the passing protection plan of the State Government are late Insp. Godwin Iroagbalahi, Insp. Francis Pemi, Sgt. Mamuda Dembo and Sgt. Idor Ekoro.

Talking at the introduction service, Governor Ambode said the move was in valuation for the incomparable penances paid by the late officers over the span of guaranteeing the security of inhabitants of the State.

The Governor, who was spoken to by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr Tunji Bello, said the gift was in accordance with the promise to audit protection advantages to security agents in the State.

Bello reviewed that since going ahead board, Governor Ambode instantly assessed the protection benefits for security agents in the State with a vow to pay N10million to any officer murdered amid operation, including that the service was in consonance with the prior guarantee.

“This is to acknowledge what the heroic officers have done; they yielded their lives throughout ensuring a few of us and we need to welcome them. Indeed, on the off chance that we don’t do this, who will? The Governor has dependably said that we should keep on appreciating the individuals who paid the preeminent give up for our lives since they kicked the bucket for us.

“We should keep on appreciating them on the grounds that on the off chance that we don’t do this, will’s identity prepared to pay the incomparable give up for our security? The officers are conveyed to secure us and when they are going, they are not in any case beyond any doubt of returning and having paid the preeminent yield, should we abandon them simply like that, unquestionably not and it is in valuation for what they have done that we are doing this,” he said.

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Cross Section of the 20 Patrol vehicles displayed to the Rapid Response Squad by the Lagos State Government at the Lagos House, Ikeja, on Monday, May 15, 2017.

The Governor, while sympathizing with the groups of the late officers, guaranteed that the State Government would keep on supporting security officers and their families in the State.

Reacting for the benefit of recipients, the State’s Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni lauded Governor Ambode and the State Government for the gifts, which he depicted as an ethical promoter, saying that the signal would go far in spurring officers.

He stated: “in the interest of the Inspector General of Police, I remain to acknowledge Lagos State Government for this confidence boosting motion that you have appeared to our partners who, over the span of releasing their statutory obligations to this country, showed fortitude, chivalry and valor yet sadly lost their lives in an experience with criminal components.

“The IG acknowledges this nice thought and in the interest of the particular groups of the officers that lost their lives, in as much as we realize that cash won’t bring their lives back, however you have given us that certainty that in our trial and pity period, the State is standing determinedly behind us. This will goad us to be more dedicated to the security of the State,” Owoseni said.

Prior, Governor Ambode, in the interest of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF) exhibited 20 fresh out of the box new operational vehicles with present day correspondence contraptions to the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the State Police Command.

Official Secretary of LSSTF, Dr Abdulrazaq Balogun, in his comments, said the gift of the operational vehicles was in promotion of the dedication of the State Government to hand down a hearty security engineering to occupants, similarly as he guaranteed that the legislature would soon give another round of vehicles to other security organizations in the State.A

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