Check Out I Go Dye mansion for His Dear Mum, Tells His ‘Grass to Grace’ Story

Mainstream Comedian, I Go Dye, conceived Francis Agoda has fabricated a multi-million naira manor for this mother.

In spite of the fact that the area of the house is as yet not known as at press time, the photo of the manor was made accessible to Weekend Groove, through a dependable source.

The house with all present day completing, is a palatial structure, painted altogether white with stripes of gold to radiate a photo of sheer wonder.

The entertainer have possessed the capacity to accomplish his long lasting dream of accomplishing something extraordinary for his mum.

I Go color, who praised his 20 years in the business as of late, has an account of ‘grass to effortlessness’ to tell.

“Indeed, growing up wasn’t blushing in any way, some said they had silver spoon however for me, there was no spoon by any stretch of the imagination, it was simply making implies for myself to battle for myself,” he once said in a meeting with Vanguard. “All my initial days were gone through in the town with my grandma, who sustained me with so much conventional qualities that later entertained my companions when I returned to elementary school in Warri.

There was such a great amount of trouble for my age mates to grasp my thoughts and estimations of life. It was seen most circumstances that I was stating things that were not achievable in light of the fact that they felt I knew more than my age.

I experienced issues likewise fitting in with their standard and it took me at some point to concentrate their ethical childhood, which had such a great amount of contrast from the way life was in the town and living with an old lady. All the more along these lines, the difficulties of life are so much, it took me solid individual conviction to stand immovably on my conviction and dreams”.

Source: Vanguard.

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