Don’t Ever Try To Come To Lagos – Igbo Traders Warn Nnamdi Kanu

Igbo pioneers and TRADERS in Lagos have communicated appall at the announced arrangement by the pioneer of the separatist gathering, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to storm Lagos soon in continuation of his visits to conditions of Nigeria, cautioning him to halt from making such an experience, since he won’t be welcome in the city.

The vast majority of the Igbo pioneers and dealers in Lagos who addressed Sunday Telegraph in particular meetings, cautioned Mazi Kanu and his adherents that by what they declare, “taking their Biafra outside the East adds up to warmongering.”

They additionally charged them to ceasing from warming up the country by mismatching Nigeria in repudiation of his safeguard conditions.

Boss Chiemeka Ibeh of Alaba Amalgamated Traders Association, cautioned the IPOB pioneer to avoid Lagos, encouraging him to allow Igbos in Lagos to sit unbothered in light of the fact that his visit to the business operational hub of the nation it will make the feeling that Igbos in Lagos are supporting Kanu and IPOB exercises.

“He should keep his Biafra in the East where our jobless young people are tailing him everywhere, not realizing what they are fiddling into. The vast majority of these adolescent don’t comprehend what really matters to Biafra and what it has taken a toll Igbo individuals.

“Since his activities prompted the quit see by the Arewa adolescents, I anticipated that Kanu would have paid forthright all vehicle organizations on the northern course to be passing on Igbo individuals who may be occupied with returning toward the East, yet he has not paid a kobo to anyone. Is it true that he is made a big deal about the monetary prosperity of the general population whom his activities could separate?”

Additionally addressing Sunday Telegraph, High Chief Egbogu Udemba, gadgets merchant and an individual from the officials of the Alaba International Market Electronic Dealers Association said Biafra is greater than Kanu and can’t be a venture for a young fellow like him and the adolescents he controls.

“We welcome the way that the unsettling is the result of years of disregard and underestimation of the zone by progressive organizations in Nigeria, as should be obvious that fomentations are coming up from various zones of the nation now. These issues are things that ought to be all around enunciated as Ohanaeze has done and an educated request made.

“The pressure Kanu is making won’t benefit us in any way; it may additionally drag us back. As should be obvious our Niger-Delta siblings are focusing on financial tumults and government is noting them. No one is looking toward us since we are thought to be requesting Biafra, which shockingly no one will give us,” Udemba said.

He additionally asked, “The two particular oil refineries the Acting President guaranteed the oil creating states, where is Abia’s and Imo’s own or would they say they are not enter oil delivering states in Nigeria?”

As indicated by him, what the nation needs now is rebuilding “and the issue is greater than IPOB, MASSOB and Arewa Youths. Igbo pioneers, Igbo intellectual elite, dealers affiliations and our experts should meet up and seek after the reason with one voice.

Udemba stated: “Ohanaeze has led the pack by making the interest for rebuilding with the goal that we can have a genuine elected arrangement of government. I think Kanu ought to rather assemble the adolescents who are tuning in to him to help the request, than going from state to state and undermining the approaching governorship race in Anambra. He should utilize the followership he charges to drum bolster for genuine federalism.”

This improvement came as a conspicuous auto save parts merchant at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex and a pioneer in the Auto Spare Parts and Machinery Dealers Association (ASPAMDA), Chief Alex Ejiofor has cautioned Nnamdi Kanu to halt from diverting battling Igbo individuals from focusing on finding their day by day bread.

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He thought about whether Kanu had not asked his dad what happened to Igbos amid and after the common war. “On the off chance that his dad did not reveal to him my dad disclosed to me that we were decreased to the scriptural ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’ in Nigeria toward the finish of the war in 1970.

Truly we are as yet experiencing the impacts of that war till today, yet Igbos in all parts of Nigeria have gained a great deal of ground and can’t stand to come back to that phase where an Igbo who left finished a million British Pounds in his record and ran home for wellbeing at the flare-up of the war, was given 20 Pounds in 1970 after the no victor, no vanquished statement.”

As indicated by him, Igbos’ ventures outside the center Igbo states are in trillions of naira. “What is Kanu supposing about that? What’s more, in the event that I may solicit, what is the volume from Kanu’s speculation either in the South-East or in different parts of the nation? Does he not realize that he is putting those speculations in danger and imperiling the wellspring of work of other individuals? He ought to die the possibility of coming to Lagos, and on the off chance that I may prompt, he should change methodology or unite with Ohanaeze.

“He has done well by bringing the minimization of the South-East to the front burner once more, yet ought to support the dialog without causing his kin hurt,” he said.

The young people who are either disciple merchants or workers at the Alaba International Market and Trade Fair, notwithstanding, communicated energy over of the IPOB pioneer, expressing that they are sitting tight for him.

“I read it on Facebook on Saturday, we are sitting tight for him. We will close the market to get him; he is the pioneer of our chance. He will take Biafra to the Promised Land; we are upbeat that he is going to. We heard that he has gone by Port Harcourt, Ebonyi, Owerri and different spots.

We are likewise expecting him here. All hail Biafra!” Chigbo Ebuka who said that he works with an electrical parts merchants at Alaba International Market, said.

Kamsiyochukwu Udoaku, a disciple to a machine parts merchant in ASPANDA said without the information of his manager, he has purchased his Biafran banner, top and vest to be utilized on that day when Kanu would visit Lagos.

Inquired as to why he is abandoning his oga’s learning, he stated, “He is an old man, he is perplexed. He additionally asked, yet what has Kanu fouled up? Did he carry out any wrongdoing? It is safe to say that he is an individual from Boko Haram or Fulani herders? Did he convey any arm? All he is requesting is our own particular nation where no one will regard us as peasants. On the off chance that the main motivation behind why they need to murder him is for requesting our opportunity, we will tail him,” he said.

It would be reviewed that following the accomplishment of their rally at Owerri, Imo State capital, a week ago, the IPOB pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu took to Facebook to uncover his expectation to visit Lagos soon, most likely to assemble all IPOB individuals and after that line up with them while in transit to accomplish Biafra soon.

The post shared on its twitter handle penultimate Saturday, Radio Biafra uncovered that IPOB and its administration … “might close down Lagos, expect Nnamdi Kanu soon.”


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