I Dont Allow My Husband Have Sex With Me Because I Hate Cigarette Odour – Woman Reveals

A 44-year-old spouse, Modupe Alegbeleye, on Thursday told an Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti that she denied her better half, Ebenezer Alegbeleye, sex on account of the cigarette smell from him.

A few ladies can’t stand the resemble cigarettes.

Modupe Alegbeleye is one of such ladies and her marriage is going to crumple consequently.

The 44-year-old spouse on Thursday told an Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti that she denied her better half, Ebenezer Alegbeleye, sex due to the cigarette smell from him.

Modupe said this while answering to an announcement from her better half that she denied him sex for three months.

As indicated by her, “My significant other preferences smoking cigarettes however I don’t care for its scent.

“Along these lines, at whatever point he smoked and requested sex; I was continually turning down his request as I detested cigarette’s smell.

“In spite of the fact that, I realized that my significant other was a cigarette smoker before we began our relationship, I was continually encouraging him to stop it.

“I was additionally supplicating so he would stop it, yet without much of any result.

“That is the reason, some of the time, I would request that he clean up before having intercourse to me.

“I additionally denied him sex since I didn’t need more kids in view of the experience I had when I was to bring forth our second kid.

“I lost the child because of absence of legitimate tend to the infant and me from my better half,” the lady said.

The spouse, in any case, told the court that he required more youngsters since he was the main offspring of his mom.

“I am the main offspring of my mom. At the point when my significant other brought forth our lone child 10, years prior, I revealed to her she would bear me more youngsters.

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“Yet, my better half said no; and she has been denying me any sentimental advances I make to her,” Alegbeleye said.

He told the court that peace could rule between them without partition, “If my significant other will change her state of mind and consent to hold up under me more youngsters.

“She will likewise consent to take appropriate care of me by cooking my dinners, which she had denied me for long.”

The court’s leader, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, deferred the case until May 22 for judgment after all endeavors made to accommodate them demonstrated unsuccessful.

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