Chimamanda Adichie Now Active On Instagram; Talks About Her Decision To ‘Wear Nigerian’ Brands

Well known “Women’s liberation” advocate, Chimamanda Adichie is synonymous with shaking Nigerian brands and she’s been doing that a considerable measure of that recently. She at last opened up on the motivation behind why she’s been doing that as she took to her Facebook to discuss her ‘Wear Nigerian’ venture.

The mother of one additionally uncovered that she has at long last joined Instagram.

The record being overseen by her two nieces is the place she will archive her venture. My Project ‘Wear Nigerian’ on Instagram.

See what she composed beneath:

The Nigerian government’s lamentable financial approaches have prompted a decrease in the estimation of the naira and in this way in discretionary cashflow, an adjustment in qualities, a bewilderment of the working class, and a large portion of all, to an incapacitating feeling of vulnerability.

In the event that we are to get a handle on for a silver covering, then the ‘Purchase Nigerian to Grow The Naira’ talk is one.

In that soul, I as of late chosen to wear for the most part Nigerian brands for my open appearances. (Some time recently, coincidentally, President Buhari pronounced ‘Made in Nigeria dress’ days.)

In the previous couple of weeks, I’ve purchased more Nigerian brands than I ever have before. I’ve found new names. I’ve been loaded with reverence for the ladies and men maintaining their organizations in spite of the many difficulties they confront. I’m especially inspired by ‘internal looking’ brands, those for whom dressing Nigerian ladies is as imperative as different objectives.

I’ve changed many dodgy zippers, been baffled by some low quality textures, and been inspired by some thorough wrapping up. Generally speaking, I adore the garments, their cut, their impulsive notion, their shading, their style, their capacity to make me feel like myself. Their creators, from fashioner to tailor to catch fixer to okada-conveyance individual, should be bolstered.

At the proposal of my exceptionally versed nieces Chisom and Amaka – who think Aunty is a clever luddite dinosaur (and they have a point, tragically) – I am currently on Instagram at chimamanda_adichie recording my ‘Wear Nigerian’ venture.

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