Check Out Charles Okocha’s crush reaction to his wife threats

Grety Riverson who was debilitated by Charles Okocha’s better half has responded.

In a post on IG, the light cleaned woman uncovered she’s locked in and could never undermine her man. She additionally specified that she’s never met the performing artist. Perused her post beneath.

“If it’s not too much trouble am locked in and am an exceptionally capable woman, am pleased with my man..I DON’T JOKE WITH MY MAN! I LOVE HIM and I WILL NEVER CHEAT ON MY FIANCÉ, Am so bless&lucky to have my bannie..Have not seen Charles okocha in this life at a beautician and My skin is excellent anybody can remark on it or wish to have it. Why will one dumb woman assault me since her man said he is smashing on my skin? Woman TALK TO YOUR MAN AM NOT INVOLVE ON THIS ONE, I DONT KNOW HIM by any means, have not met him before and we ain’t companions 🙄”

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