Charles Okocha (Igwe 2pac) – ‘I’m not married’

Igwe 2Pac otherwise known as Amoshine has responded to the dramatization including his affirmed spouse and an IG client he spouted about yesterday.

Amoshine in an extensive announced he is not hitched. He additionally went on about how he was paid to buildup the light cleaned lady,Grety Riverson, via web-based networking media. If you don’t mind read the epistle underneath.

“Flip side of the Coin… ! Initially I am known to be Rough tough and Raw however I trust that I have gone to that indicate where I have be conscious, steadfast and Straight to every one of my FRIENDS FAMILY AND FANS… . Marriage is hallowed and a Joyous thing to be related with and just tricks live trying to claim ignorance after an open statement of friendship went down with a VOW… . Hello FAMZ AMOSHINE ain’t wedded, never have been however sometime would demonstrate the world whoever the decision would be.

What’s the matter with playing around for a lil while with somebody you met in the city and remaining genuine… ? When we discourteous they shout for help and when we play ideal in regard they swing it to a chance to mess your notoriety.

Here is the reality… ! Each lady needs to b with a genuine man… ! Most ladies picked popularity in the diversion with no disgrace… .! Sorry I can make you famous however ask and YOU SHALL RECEIVE

What’s turned out badly with the world, who circumvents spreading bits of gossip that are doubtful, extremely false and completely idiotic… ! The world thinks about my LIL CUTE PRINCE (LIL-YUNG-SHINE) and he has the most regarded mother who is ravishing and lovable however remains private as a lady of respectability and Career lady with such a great amount to appear for it… !

Represent the TRUTH and remain in PEACE or remain in falsehoods and stay in Pain… .! Hello peeps I have been far and wide and seen such a variety of confronts, races and ages however this is unbelievable… . Mama homie kid BEST instructed me to stand up so the world can know am so NOT MARRIED so disgrace on the lil frantic MAMA with no respect for her self… !

About the POST on IG, I am a performer and I have been paid to make the youthful pure young lady acclaimed for what she speak to and some low confidence FOOLS took mama hustle for Pain..! Such a great amount of left to state… yet am still shy of words… BOTTOM LINE IS AMOSHINE AINT GAT NO WIFE… ! On the off chance that you ever wanna sparkle just talk what you know!!!!”

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