Burna Boy Tells Fans ‘I’m Not Your Role Model, I Am Just A 25-Year-Old’

Famous vocalist, Burna Boy took to his online networking page to advise fans to quit admiring him as he’s no good example.

He shared this on a post shared on his Instagram page where he uncovered he’s only 25 and no one ought to admire him.

He composed:

I Am NOT your Role Model. I am only a 25 year old who has been through more than any 25 year old ought to need to, accordingly takes life 1 day on end and tries to make the best of things.

This is my REAL LIFE, don’t give your life a chance to be controlled by how anybody experience theirs. You are Special and Amazing. You would not have been put on this planet if there wasn’t a Reason. I cherish all of you.

Cherish yourselves and each other. The World is Yours!

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