21 students expelled from Akwa Ibom State University For Various Offences

The Management of Akwa Ibom State University says the organization has ousted 21 understudies for different offenses conferred in 2016.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Eno Ibanga expressed this while talking with newsmen in Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enim Local Government Area of the state on Saturday.

He said the understudies were ousted for different offenses going telephone robbery, and egregious damage among others.

Ibanga noticed that due procedure was taken after before the understudies were ousted.

He clarified that the Students’ Disciplinary Committee was set up by the college to guarantee that understudies who had submitted different offenses were managed.

“On the off chance that you have an issue and your case is sent to understudy disciplinary board and we have understudies’ data handbook that discloses to you the rules and regulations in the college.

“We would prefer not to support truancy, and rowdiness, when you confer an offense, we send you there and afterward in the event that you are discovered chargeable, you will be ousted from the foundation.

“This is a majority rules system, we don’t simply wake up and remove some individual, you should take after due process before anyone is ousted,” Ibanga said.

The bad habit chancellor said that the foundation had zero resilience for cultism.

As indicated by him, the grounds is not happy for cultists to work.

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